Compassionate Care

At Mountain Vista Medical Center, we consider it a privilege to care for our patients, their families and guests. We understand that it is the compassion from the physicians on the medical staff, nurses and other team members - along with an individualized approach - that makes the difference. Advanced technology is important - but the way in which care is delivered deserves as much focus.

Patient-Centered Care

Patients are at the center of their care plan. Consistent communication between the patient and the health care team helps to set, meet (and exceed) expectations, as well as identifying and addressing the unique needs of each person. Every day, the Mountain Vista team works to advocate for patients and provide as positive an experience as possible.

Here are a few examples of what our patients and employees say about Mountain Vista Medical Center:

I take great pride in the team I work with up here on the front line. We all strive very hard to brighten the atmosphere with a positive attitude, so that the guest's visit with us is a pleasant experience.
-Jessica T., Admitting

I love a little bit of everything about Mountain Vista - I like my coworkers and I feel appreciated. It's a lot easier coming to work when you work with people you get along with.
-Jack B., Plant Operations

Mountain Vista is my hospital because when I have been a patient, I get quick service and the team is always friendly to me and my family. When my son was ill, he was treated like any normal person. Being a parent with a special needs child, you always run into people that don't care. Knowing that MVMC is the closest hospital and that we treat people so well makes it all the better for me!
-Eryn O., Business Office

Mountain Vista is my hospital because I am so proud of us! I have been here since just after opening and know that we are the best. Home is where the heart is and I think we show, every day, that we have our hearts in our work.
-Susan M., Imaging Services

Because I work with an awesome team and have good relationships with all the departments, I love Mountain Vista!
-Kristie P., Therapy Services

I am very proud to be a part of my team at MVMC. Everyone can be counted on to provide the best experience possible for our patients!
-Travis B., Environmental Services

Over the last year our father has had to be admitted to your facility several times. With each admission, I have witnessed outstanding performances by your nursing staff as well as other ancillary staff. Being a nurse, my expectations of nursing care are very high. When I am looking to hire a nurse, I expect nurses to be caring, professional and extremely competent. I am very comfortable leaving my father at Mountain Vista because the caliber of nurses you have fit that bill. I would be honored to work with your Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit staff. It is because of the care we have received at Mountain Vista, I have no problem passing by other facilities to bring dad to Mountain Vista.
-Amy W.

From the second that I walked into the Arizona Wound Center at Mountain Vista Medical Center, I felt like I became an immediate member of their family. The physicians and nurses were all friendly, helpful and gave me individualized attention while I was there. It was a wonderful experience - every single person treated me so well and I knew that everyone there was supportive and only wanted to see me get better. I'm very happy with Mountain Vista - the entire Arizona Wound Center staff is phenomenal. I can't say 'thank you' enough for the difference that you made in my life.
-Lainy K.

I'm a retired registered nurse and worked in surgery for more than 15 years and I know good health care when I see it. On a scale of 1-10, my experience at Mountain Vista Medical Center would rate at a 15. My anesthesiologist was amazing and I consider my surgeon a hero. Whenever I needed anything, someone was there to make sure I had it - this is not only a beautiful facility but full of people who are there to make a difference. I don't live in the East Valley but I've been telling all of my friends that it's definitely worth the drive. Thank you, Mountain Vista!
-Richard L.